Macrame Hanging Planter Very Easy!

Macrame Hanging Planter Very Easy!

Macrame Hanging Planter Easy, learn how to make this beautiful craft that enchants the whole world!

Well, we are a Portuguese language blog and we receive visitors from other countries as well. With that in mind, we created a category especially for you in the English language.

Remembering that the videos shared here are not our own, but we like to share what is trending in the craft world.

And, one of the crafts that grows a lot every day is macrame. Its pieces, besides being elegant, guarantee good money for the artisan.

And, to kick off our new category here on the blog, I found a super easy macrame tutorial to do step by step.

The video is from the wonderful Youtube Channel Tatiana Cm, you can follow it if you wish, it’s great!

Macrame Hanging Planter Very Easy!

Youtube Channel Tatiana Cm

A tip for you craftsman is to unite decoration and crafts because, looking for a craft decoration grows every day.

Examples range from potted plants and paintings, rugs, bedroom or living room items. Anyway, there are countless ideas that I could cite here.

Another very important tip before starting any craft to sell is to research if there really is a demand for what you are making, even more so if you are a beginner.

But, the tips to sell your crafts better I will leave for another article here on the blog.

Hope you liked it and, share it with your friends who love crafts

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